Navigating the Language M&A Process

Join us for an insightful webinar where industry experts will guide you through key stages of the language M&A process. From preparing your language business for sale to navigating the sales process and ensuring a smooth integration post-acquisition.


Our expert panel including Veronique Ozkaya, Loy Searle and Kristin Guitierrez will share invaluable insights.


Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 12:00 PM – 1:30 pm PM EST

This seminar will be provided in English with ASL Interpretation

Cost: $65  To Register:  Register HERE  by March 26, 2024


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Schedule of Topics

  • Preparing your Language Business for Sale
    • Kristin Gutierrez 
      • Plan for the sale: Think 5 years in advance
      • Run your business now like you intend to sell it even if you don’t…
      • Show stability with recurring revenue and net new clients backed by a realistic healthy pipeline
      • Contracts! Find and consolidate all of your contracts, re-contract, and go through the due diligence
      • Get honest and identify hot spots now and every year prior to sale: Leadership Executive Team activity 1-slide presentation of highlights and low lights of process from their perspective to identify hot spots
    • Matt Grotenstein
      • Start planning from day one
      • Document everything: Contractors, Employees, Vendors, Customers
      • These are your assets. Have a system where you can pull these contracts and lists up quickly.
      • Focus on growing your footprint w/ existing customers while also ensuring you have an easy to use and easy to switch CRM that reflects a strong 1-2 year pipeline
      • Determine your culture and who you might like to sell to and network with in the industry – there are tons of events to get your brand out there


  • The Sales Process
    • Dee Johnson
      • Bridging Borders in Localization M&A – From Introduction to Closure
        • Global Expertise: Understanding challenges in global M&A
        • Tailored Guidance: Knowing the sellers and the buyers and their preferences.
        • Holistic Approach: Talking to both sellers and buyers saves time.
        • Cross-Cultural Navigation: Tax laws are different in each country.
        • Valuation Excellence: Determine pricing that seller and buyer can accept
    • Mike Klinger
      • JUST JUMP
        • Determine what you want: Price/process/timing/culture/future
        • What are you willing to accept
        • Measure twice/cut once
        • JUST JUMP


  • Integration Post Acquisition
    • Veronique Ozkaya
      • M&A: smooth sailing or roller coaster?
        • Don’t forget to keep your clients at the centre of what you do. No client = no business
        • Be clear on the rationale and value of the M&A
        • Course-correct, if need be, there is no shame in being wrong
    • Loy Searle
      • You will be assimilated
        • Challenges—common pitfalls
        • Successes—winning strategies
        • Human Experience—what to expect