Why use a Language Broker to sell your Language Business?

The first time traveling on the New York City subway system, I got lost on my way to Yankee Stadium.  It is only transferring on two train

s from Penn Station.  I messed up the transfer and ended up in Harlem and missed the first few innings of the baseball game.  The first time building a wooden trellis for my Wisteria, the alignment

was not right, the cement mixture not strong enough and the design could have been improved.  I would do it better a second time.  The first-time making Tiramisu from scratch…parenting your first child…getting married…You get the picture.   We all learn a lot after going thru an experience once.


Selling your company for the first time can be challenging.  There are questions around ‘where to find buyers’, how to prepare your financials, what to expect in terms of time frames, competitive pricing for the language industry, how to prepare for due diligence.  An experienced Language Broker can walk you through all these steps skillfully.  They will have done this multiple times and can advise you on what to expect, when and why.


Having an experienced language broker is invaluable.  For additional information, please contact:





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