Preparing to Sell your Language Business – a Series  

Preparation: Mental and Practical for the Seller


  •    Why do you want to exit?
  •    What will you do?
  •    What are your financial requirements?
  •    What are your future goals/projects?
    •    Case Study: Owner, over 70, backs out of deal 11th hour.  Says wife of 40 years does not want him home full time.



  • Prepare your financials/marketing brochure
  • Revenue, expenses, net profit, adjusted EBITDA—last 3-5 years
  • Revenue by top 5 accounts—last 3-5 years
  • Confidential Brochure—highlighting unique attributes, financials, verticals
  • Pricing preparation and defense


Next in the Preparing to Sell your Language Business Series:  Seller Pricing Variables

Michael Klinger has 25 years of experience in the globalization industry. He speaks five languages. He started as an interpreter and translation project manager. He established and grew the globalization staffing & localization outsourcing businesses at Winter Wyman Contracts which became COMSYS. He helped find ‘sellers’ for COMSYS in the language field.  He started Anzu Global and Language Transactions where he grew the language brokerage services business.

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