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Buying or selling a language business can be a complex, stressful and uncertain financial transaction. As an owner, you want to work with an experienced adviser you trust.  At Language Transactions, we combine our extensive knowledge of the language industry with our experience in the globalization brokerage service business.   This unique combination gives us the ability to assess your language business, match seller and buyer and streamline the acquisition process.

We attend and present at GALA, ELIA, ASL, Localization World and ALC events. We have written articles for Slator and presented at multiple conferences on the Language Brokerage Services process. This allows us to guide both parties based on current market trends, competitive pricing and recent historical data.

We are vendor neutral and work with both buyer and seller. This facilitates communication, mitigates confusion and streamlines the sales process. Both sides are speaking directly and there is no ‘spin’ to the information. This allows the buyer and seller to make an informed decision based on the evaluation of financials and pricing, technology integration and strategic vertical and regional synergies.

Community Service  

At Language Transactions, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to leverage their financial success to address current global challenges.  On the local level, we are supporting a group of local urban activist organizations to address the problems of education, inequality and the extreme gaps in wealth distribution in the US:  Youth Justice, Bikes Not Bombs, The City School  We also volunteer at the local food pantry and Habitat for Humanity.  On the global front, we donate to Bokai that improves the lives of children in Niger through better education, technology, access to clean water and improved nutrition

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