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No one will dispute the fact that the business world is truly global. It’s a continent-spanning field that encompasses players from all regions and corporations of varying sizes and areas of expertise. There is no single language of commerce, but there are many common terms and phrases that it would be to your benefit to be aware of and well-versed in as a business person. At Language Transactions, we draw upon our experience and real-world know-how to help clients with globalization M&A services.

Clarity of communication is one of the key factors in the success of any type of business transaction. It helps the deal run smoothly and lets all the parties be fully involved and cognizant of every element, fact, and figure. Being informed helps business professionals make the best decisions, and with access to our globalization M&A services, you can be assured that you have precision and accuracy working for you.

Experts probably agree that it is to executives’ advantage and the entities they lead to think globally. And if the time arises when a corporation decides to engage in a buy or sell transaction, it has to speak the appropriate language. Members of the business world say things in unique ways, and you have to be able to engage in conversation to achieve your goal. Being well-versed in corporate-speak is a major requirement for successful global business matchmaking.

As the leading business language service provider, buying a business language or sell it can be a complex, stressful, and uncertain financial transaction. As an owner, you want to work with an experienced adviser you trust.  At Language Transactions, we combine our extensive knowledge of the language industry with our experience in the globalization brokerage service business.   This unique combination gives us the ability to assess your language business, match seller and buyer and streamline the acquisition process.

We attend and present at GALA, ELIA, ASL, Localization World and ALC events. We have written articles for Slator and presented at multiple conferences on the Language Brokerage Services process. This allows us to guide both parties based on current market trends, competitive pricing and recent historical data.

We are vendor neutral and work with both buyer and seller. This facilitates communication, mitigates confusion and streamlines the sales process. Both sides are speaking directly and there is no ‘spin’ to the information. This allows the buyer and seller to make an informed decision based on the evaluation of financials and pricing, technology integration and strategic vertical and regional synergies.

Some people may believe that there are winners and losers in business deals, but we don’t see it that way. We believe that by working together, all parties can walk away from a sale, merger, or acquisition feeling like they have been treated fairly and made the most of the situation as it was presented.

Ensuring Smooth Transactions

It is probably safe to say that both sides of a business deal want things to run smoothly. It is advantageous for each entity to provide all the necessary financial details to ensure all the pieces are in order. The global business matchmaking process involves more than delivering spreadsheets. It is beneficial that all documents include business language, whatever information all parties involve provide.

We recognize that the business world is vast and composed of a multitude of languages that could be daunting barriers. Our team is there to ensure any transaction doesn’t go sour due to miscommunication or mistranslation. Language Transactions is dedicated to utilizing the best team equipped to handle the business language in your contract. Our commitment to global business matchmaking gives us the opportunity to connect you with an endless assortment of businesses with seamless ease.

Much can go wrong in the process of buying or selling companies of any size. However, we know what it takes say to ensure a successful transition. Our team is adept at interpreting and writing the language of business and explaining its importance to global business matchmaking. Because your success is our focus, your communication concerns are also our concerns.

We’ll ensure that the only thing you worry about is the business details offered to you. Whether you’re buying or selling, every term and condition will be properly communicated and laid on the table for potential partners around the world. Our global business matchmaking is all about bringing you the prospects that will benefit your business the most; language barriers will not be an issue so that you can buy or sell globally.

We have acquired and maintained a global presence and open borders for many business industries throughout our many years of experience. Attending and presenting at some of the largest conferences, our global business matchmaking will lead you to the smoothest business language transactions you could hope for. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Community Service  

Community Service | Business Language Service Provider

Community Service | Business Language Service Provider

At Language Transactions, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to leverage their financial success to address current global challenges.  On the local level, we are supporting a group of local urban activist organizations to address the problems of education, inequality and the extreme gaps in wealth distribution in the US:  Youth Justice, Bikes Not Bombs, The City School  We also volunteer at the local food pantry and Habitat for Humanity.  On the global front, we donate to Bokai that improves the lives of children in Niger through better education, technology, access to clean water and improved nutrition


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