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As the leading business language experts, Language Transactions match Sellers with Buyers in the language industry. Our unique language industry focus streamlines the purchase process for both Buyer and Seller. Our personnel have a combined fifty years plus of globalization industry experience with an extensive network of over fifty active buyers and sellers. We are able to guide owners and provide advice throughout the process — matching strategic synergies, advising on competitive pricing and leveraging our extensive globalization network. Our knowledge, network, and experience significantly speed up the selling process for both global buyer and seller.

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Buying or selling a language business can be a complex, stressful and uncertain financial transaction. As an owner, you want to work with an adviser you trust. At Language Transactions, we combine our extensive language industry knowledge with our experience in the global brokerage service business.  This allows us to better understand our clients requirements, provide informed advice and get timely results.






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Without Anzu/Language Transactions my company would be completely different. I have acquired 2 companies through them (Languages by Nicole in 2019 and Newtype Inc in 2024) and was able to build what Language Solutions is today: a company we are all proud of being a part of. Acquiring a company can be difficult, but with professional help the path is simpler and you can even enjoy it. I strongly suggest inorganic growth for companies, and definitely Mike and his team can help you. Hugo Rizzi – CEO Language Solutions

Hugo Rizzi – CEO Language Solutions Hugo Rizzi – CEO Language Solutions

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Michael/Language Transactions. I initially questioned whether my boutique translation business could be successfully sold, but Michael found the perfect buyers for the company that I built. He helped guide me through each step. I was extremely happy with the knowledge, expertise and reassurance that Michael brought to an inherently challenging process. His services were invaluable.

Owner of $3.5 million Financial Legal translation company Owner of $3.5 million Financial Legal translation company

Our experience with Michael Klinger of Language Transactions LLC was excellent. He introduced us to five potential buyers who were all very interested in purchasing our language service agency and we became interested in them as well. After conversations with each and additional research on our part, we narrowed the list to two very highly qualified buyers who met all of our expectations. We settled on one that will take our 26 year-old business to new heights, all the while maintaining the standards and ethics we set in our community. Mr. Klinger was instrumental in finding the buyer, and making the purchase timely and seamless. He was friendly, professional, and took a keen interest in making sure the purchase process was running smoothly. We highly recommend his services.

Marta Reyes & Eric Anderson – TESTIMONIAL Owner - Spokane International Translation

OXO Translations was a Canadian company looking to expand into the South American market to find lower cost production facilities for their Spanish and Portuguese language requirements.. The owner contacted us to find a seller in South America. We presented seven sellers within the first month. They spoke with all of them and chose a few to meet with. They closed on one of the two companies within eight months.

OXO Translations – CASE STUDY OXO Translations - CASE STUDY

We were contacted by a private equity firm that was representing an interpreting company based out of Florida. They were looking specifically to buy ASL businesses on the East Coast of the US. We spoke with multiple ASL owners and presented five companies. Within six months, they had bought two ASL businesses: Clear Message Interpreting and ASLI.

Clear Message Interpreting and ASLI – CASE STUDY Clear Message Interpreting and ASLI - CASE STUDY

CCAPS was a localization company based out of Brazil. Clients included Oracle, SAP, VMWare and LinkedIn. Their average annual revenue was $2 million plus. The owner was looking to grow through a partnership or selling to a larger language vendor. We introduced him to five buyers and he received an offer from a North American vendor that he accepted. Given the complex international legal process, the deal was completed in one year.


Digital Language Services had been in business for 25 years. Located in upstate New York, they did translation in over thirty languages with a vertical focus in automotive, medical and hospitality. The owner was looking to retire and a colleague referred them to us. We presented six buyers in the first four weeks and he closed on an offer after six months.

Digital Language Services – CASE STUDY Digital Language Services - CASE STUDY

Elanex had a staff of 35 with clients across the US, Europe and Asia and annual revenue around the $6 million. Their vertical translation focus was technology, energy and financial translations. They also provided over-the-phone interpretation services. The company had multiple shareholders and was losing money. They were looking for a buyer that could ‘right the ship’. Working with us, they spoke to four buyers within the first month, received two offers and closed on one within three months timeframe.

Elanex – CASE STUDY Elanex

I worked with Michael Klinger and he was able to help me sell my language business within four months. Within a few weeks, he presented five interested buyers. We had discussions with all of them, received offers from three of them and went with the highest bidder and best fit. I found Michael to be knowledgeable, honest and supportive during the process. He made insightful suggestions, helped with the negotiations and attended the ‘closing’. Would be glad to recommend Michael Klinger and Language Transactions if you are looking to sell your LSP

Philip Morgan – TESTIMONIAL Owner - ABLE Innovations, LLC

We first contacted Mike in June 2016. Within days, he introduced us to several interested parties, and to date we have been contacted by seven potential. So far, have received two offers and are waiting on two additional LOIs(letters of intent). Michael has been easy to work with, is honest, efficient and knowledgeable. He has helped with the negotiation process, provided insight into the strategic requirements of the ‘buyers’ and been pro-active in communication with us and keeping the buyers engaged. If you are considering selling your language business, I would highly recommend working with Michael/Language Transactions. He gets results.

Walter Hartmann – TESTIMONIAL President - Digital Language Services

Mike is extremely focused, very knowledgeable, resourceful, smart and efficient. He has also built a vast network within the Localization/Internationalization industry, all of which allows him to find the right match promptly. He is definitely a great resource for owners/employers.

Florence Lefebvre – TESTIMONIAL Enterprise Program Director - Experis

Mike Klinger was introduced to me through a mutual contact in the localization industry. At the time, I was exploring options for selling the multi-lingual social media analytics firm I had started three years earlier. Mike was completely focused and professional through the entire process. We checked in and spoke regularly, and he explored every avenue or idea we came up with. We ended up being acquired by a mid-size LSP for terms that were very much what we were looking for. From a legal and process perspective, Mike truly added value and made the transaction seamless. I would highly recommend Mike and Language Transactions to anyone looking to sell their firm, as well as anyone looking to buy a company. He will be the first person I call the next time I am looking to buy or sell a business.

Matt Grotenstein – TESTIMONIAL Vice President Client Development - Acclaro

I have worked with Mike Klinger in the area of buying and selling language businesses. He has presented several companies for me to speak with. Have found Mike to be well connected and knowledgeable about the language industry and helpful in finding companies to speak with. Would not hesitate to recommend him for people looking to buy or sell a language business.

Kimon Fountoukidis – TESTIMONIAL CEO - Argos Multilingual

Mike reached out to me regarding his language brokerage services business. Once I expressed interest, we took the time to review my company offerings and capabilities. He was able to refer multiple buyers within the first month. He also advised me during the process to facilitate the purchase of my company. I will always be thankful for his integrity, professionalism and availability negotiating the sale of my business.

Nicole Rodgers – TESTIMONIAL Languages by Nicole